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Advantages of a Top Producing Team


Advantages of a Top Producing Team

Economies of Scale

 Advertising sells homes! Don’t let anyone tell you different! Only a Top Producing agent has the resources available to provide a level of advertising such as outlined in your individual market plan.

Broader Network

 Real Estate is a “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” business. You trade on your reputation. The more you do, the better you do, the more agents you work with. Many homes are sold before they hit the market because of this kind of the networking that develops between trusted and respected agents. As a buyer, you get opportunities to see properties not yet available on the open market. It is this network of agents that provides for a much smoother transaction, a quicker sale and a higher price!

Attention to Details

 No one can be all things to all people. There simply is not enough time in a day. The team concept allows for specialization and ensures that you are given the attention you deserve. It also provides for a much smoother transaction because the details are covered. You essentially get 72 hours each day. Rarely is there a problem that we have not encountered before and don’t know how to solve quickly. In addition, our production level and reputation give us clout in the transaction. In fact given our level of experience we can often anticipate the problems and head them off, saving you time, frustration and money!

The Phone Rings

 The more homes an agent has on the market the more the phone rings. Each of those calls is a prospective buyer for your house or they may have a home you may be interested in purchasing.