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After 27 years in the real estate industry, you would think there is not much that I have not seen, heard or been through but every year brings changes and the business is constantly evolving. The process itself is essentially the same but there are many, many little subtleties and nuances that make all the difference in the world to our clients. It is understanding and explaining all those little things that come from the result of years of experience and thousands of transactions that our clients thank us for. These are things that you cannot find on the internet; these are the things that our “Buyer's Boot Camp” is based upon.

Get Registered! If you require something sooner or if neither day works for your schedule, we are happy to set up a time that does work for you and go over the entire presentation.

Classes are limited to no more than 10 so sign up today!

At Buyers boot camp, learn the things that you cannot on
the internet. These are the things that make the difference
between success and failure in a home purchase!!

At Buyers boot camp, learn the things that you cannot find on the internet. These are the things that make the differencebetween success and failure in a home purchase!!
For instance, you will want to know...

The 17 things to look for when looking at houses that you
would never think to look for on your own!
7 things you need to know before you visit a new home site!
9 things you need to know before going to contract on a new home!

5 MUST know tips for buying in a tight market
4 things to look for that are clues to a seller’s motivation and
why that matters
1 simple clause that should be in every contract (but I see only about 2% of the time) that can save a buyer hundreds if not thousands of dollars and no seller objects!!
In addition, you will learn...
How to win a multiple offer situation without overpaying!
When is the best time to buy and why? Hint... it’s not what you think
What three things may matter more to a seller than money!
What is the most common mistake buyers make & how to avoid it!
What you should look for in a home’s location before you go see it
Why some agents under list a home and how that strategy can backfire
The differences between buying a new home and buying a resale
Why value is not tied to how much you get off of list price
The preparations you need to make before going out to look for homes
"I have bought and sold a home in the past and did not know what my agent did not know. I really learned a lot!"
"WOW!! I coudn't write it down fast enough! I'm gonig to sign up again to get what I missed!"
"Agents should have to take this class!"
"I saved $1,503 on my home purchase with knowledge I got from Buyers Bootcamp!"
"I was about to purchase a home that I thought was a good value. After going to Buyers Bootcamp, I learned why it was priced low and I passed on it. Glad I did! Many Thanks!"