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House Didn’t Sell?


There are four basic things that affect the sale of your home:  

Why Sellers Choose Spencer

1: The Marketing Effort

We control – Internet presence, Open Houses, photo array, brochures- inside & outside, newspaper as, direct mail targeting buyers, multiple listing service, agent awareness campaign, follow up with showings, feedback, updates, flyers, e blast and more all come together so that you have complete confidence that no stone has been left unturned  in the marketing effort.  We sell more . . . because we do more!


2: Condition

You Control – Is the home in showing condition or living condition?  How is the curb appeal? Is there deferred maintenance?  How does the home show to the buyers eye?  Condition helps determine what the market will be willing to pay for a home. While you control this it is our job to let you know what needs done to show the home in it’s best light, what will give you a return on your investment and perhaps more importantly what will not!  This is tough for most agents to do even if they have the knowledge but one of the reasons for our success in the marketplace is that we are firm believers in preparing our listings properly, they sell quicker and for more money.


3: Price

You Control – Overpricing is typically the reason that a home des not sell.  We look at the overall market, we look at past and current trends and we look in depth at our current competition not just a few recent comps.  You control this but we will make sure you have a complete understanding of the current market as well as knowledge of pricing strategies. 


4: Location

No One Controls – It is what it is and it is not something we can change.  We can however accentuate the positives as well as minimize the negatives and we can develop a strategy to make sure it is in front of the right buyers at the right price and showing in its best light!   


If your home was on the market and did not sell then you were off base on one or more of the above items.  In any given market area in 2012 60-90% of the homes did not sell!  The market rejected them!  Yet we sold all but one of our listings . . . we must be doing something right!




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