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Investors, if you already own income property in the area this site is intended to be a one stop resource for all the information you need to track you investment and the market.  Check our Market Stats link to see what is happening monthly in our entire Northern Virginia Marketplace by county.  You can look for new opportunities by using any of our “One Click” searches to search by neighborhood, search by town, search by zip or even search specifically for Foreclosures or Short Sales.  Of course we would be happy to look for opportunities for you as well.  See what is available for rent  in any town by clicking the “Rental Search” link, then you can compare how your property stacks up and if you are getting the rent you should.  If you need a local vendor for carpet, paint or any of the other things that come up with investment properties click on our Go to Guysbutton for great referrals and even some savings.  There is information here on how to calculate your return on investment and on Tax Free Exchanges.  We publish an in depth investor newspaper (FREE) that we mail quarterly and if you would like to be added to the subscription just contact Spencer and you will be added to the list.  It is nothing but investor related information and chock full of current information and stats.  Lastly if you want us to keep an eye open for other potential investments just shoot us an email and we can set up a time to discuss your needs and what we bring to the table! 

Considering investing? 

There is simply no better vehicle to build wealth with leverage out there.  There are many different strategies that investors work from in real estate and there is way to much to be able to list out here on this site. I can how ever list out some of the things that you would want to consider. 

  • What is your time line . . . how long do you want to hold the property?
  • Are you looking to Flip or to hold?
  • Do you need the money out at a particular time?
  • What is your priority, appreciation, cash flow, lack of maintenance, etc.?
  • Every one wants all of those things but at the end of the day the best property for appreciation may not be the best one for cash flow and if maintenance is a concern that may not be the best or the other two.
  • What style of home?  Why is that important?  Is there a particular location you feel strongly about?  Is the age of the home a concern?  Do you need seller assistance or are there particular financing terms you will need?  What price range gives me the best return? Should I manage my properties myself or use professional management?  And the list goes on.


We are happy to sit down with you and go through the process to help you answer these and other questions.  Just Contact Spencer today!   



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