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Market Stats

In all facets of a real estate transaction nothing is more important than what is happening in that market at that moment. Whether you are…

  • Ready to buy or just getting started
  • Considering investment property
  • Determining the right offer or counter offer
  • Tracking the value of your curent home

It all comes down to the stats! The right information can allow you to spot trends and use strategies that give you a “Distinct Advantage” in a changing market.

Planning to invest in real estate? You’ll love this tool! Our Market Stats report is researched and compiled by real estate experts in office and complimented by additional data from trusted sources through paid subscriptions. We’re proud to offer the most current, meaningful real estate market statistics in Northern Virginia.

I summarize the market in my blog each month in columns entitled “Front Lines” and “Out on a Limb”. Front Lines is so named because it is really what’s happening today in our local market, not three months ago or last year like you’ll find in the newspaper or on the radio, but today’s news from the “Front Lines”. Likewise, I do not mind giving you my opinion on where I feel the market is headed. In doing so, I go “Out on a Limb” because I am confident enough in my opinion to put my forecast for the future in writing! I’ve misread the market a few times but my record overall is excellent and I’m usually spot on.

I have broken down the Centreville stats as an example of how we look at an area for our clients but with 115 separate zip codes in the Northern Virginia area it is just not possible to provide that on this site.

Since our office is located in Centreville, I’ve included a separate page dedicated just to Centreville stats jam packed with all the information you could ever want on Centreville Real Estate market.

Looking at the Centreville real estate market statistics, you’ll notice I approach them differently, tracking foreclosures & short sale (distressed) properties as well as getting into sub categories by pricing strata. The Northern Virginia area is very diverse and we look at each area individually and in depth just as I have done Centreville on this site.