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My “Distinct Advantage” For Sellers

My Plan For Sellers 

I will develop and implement a complete marketing plan. Advertising helps sell homes and we are without peer in the level of advertising that we provide. You will receive a day-by-day description of our level of marketing. “Early to bed and early to rise, work like hell and ADVERTISE.” We target sources of buyers – better to have 3,000 people looking for one buyer than one person looking. We use e-mail, fax, flyer delivery, interactive voice response system, first class mail and in-person networking to get your home sold. We target 12 distinct groups. We target buyers using every tool including interactive voice response systems, personal signs, brochure boxes, direct mail, newspapers and magazines. 
We follow up. Just getting exposure doesn’t matter if we don’t follow-up with them. Our team of professionals makes sure that the interested parties get into your home. 
I will help my sellers prepare the property for staging and showing. I will tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. I will tell you what will help and what not to worry about. Proper staging is a major reason our homes sell so much faster than the competition’s. 
I will consistently provide feedback, update market information and consult on the best options, throughout the home sales process. You will be kept informed. It takes team work to get homes sold. 
I will evaluate all offers, negotiate to final agreement and always protect my seller’s interests. Given our extensive experience, we know how to identify motivation and ability and structure a transaction to your advantage. We get you your terms!! 
I will coordinate the entire closing process. Our goal is a smooth, problem-free transaction. We have seen just about everything that can come up. We are systemized. From day one we track the entire transaction and we have a staff to see that it is done properly. Our entire process is followed on a detailed checklist. We are proactive rather then reactive – we eliminate the potential problems before they come up – saving you time and eliminating stress! 
I will review final documents and advise my sellers about the closing. I will help coordinate their move; in whatever way they would like. I will provide post-closing information, consulting and services and be available to assist with any future real estate needs. 
Yes, you can request a FREE in-home presentation of how we would market your property! We do these presentations for people all the time. It’s our job! There’s no obligation, and we’ll get back to you quickly… 
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