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Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb

Typically around now, we see inventory catch up with demand.  Not sure that will happen this year, as single family home inventory is down from the last couple of years and demand has actually been higher.  I do not see the townhome market slowing down either.  Townhome sales are fueled by new buyers entering the market and that is showing no signs of letting up.  Single family home sales ebb and flow according to the amount of inventory that comes on, as opposed to the number of buyers.  Inventory is low compared to the last couple of years, yet demand has stayed strong.  So in each category, I look to see June actually wind up stronger than it was last year.  I think that as buyers will keep coming in the market at the same pace and I do not see a surge of inventory coming.  I think June will be a strong month and I think there will be increased activity in the upper levels as buyers are faced with the decision of moving up in price, or go further out when they can’t find inventory where they want.   It will be interesting and as the market continues to unfold, I will, as usual, keep you informed.



The title Out on a Limb comes from the fact that we are willing to go Out on a Limb and tell you what we think is going to happen in our local real estate market in the future both short term and long term.  After 26+ years in the business we are pretty darn accurate but not always.  There are times we have been surprised but that is not often.  You can look at the stats and see the numbers, and you can read Front Lines to get an idea of what is currently happening and finish that off with Out on a Limb  to know where the market is going!  We update this monthly so bookmark this page to check back on regularly. 

Out on a Limb-



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