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Virginia Run Activity

Virginia Run Activity

August & September were pretty good months for Virginia Run.  Four homes came under contract in July, 8 in August and 3 in September.  That surpasses 8 under contract in July of 2016, 3 in August and only one last September.  Overall, sales are right in line with the last two years.  60 homes came under contract in 2015, 59 in 2016 and 58 so far this year.  If the pace set in September continues, we will pass both 2015 & 2016.  That being said, in 2015 there were only 3 homes sold in the months of September, October, November and December TOTAL.  For the same months in 2016, there were also only 3 TOTAL.  So given that we have already had 3 homes come under contract in September, we should finish ahead.  There are currently 19 active listings on the market and they have been on the market an average of 59 days.  The highest Days on Market is 152 and the lowest is 12.  Nine new listings came on in September, 2 of which have already come under contract.  Of the three sales in September, 2 were priced over $700,000 and one was a foreclosure that was listed at $499,000.    The average sales price of the active listings in Virginia Run (excluding the $3.4mil one on Kentwell) is $713,353!  The average LIST price of what is under contract is $690,950 and the average NET sales price of what has already closed so far this year is $651,925.  Of the 19 active listings, there is one priced over $3.4 mil, one in the $900,000’s, two in the $800,000’s. 6 in the $700,000’s, 8 in the $600,000’s and only 1 in the $500,000’s.  I would like to see us get a few more under contract so our numbers can beat 2015. As our year winds down, I will keep you informed.

Sellers: If you are looking to sell your home this spring, you should call us now for a few reasons.  First, and very important, is so that we can get our outside photos and video done while there are leaves on the trees.  This is very important to marketing in that you do not have to wait until April or May for the leaves to come out to market your home.  Secondly, so we can show you what needs to be done to your home, or what you don’t need to do to your home to get it ready to shine in the marketplace.  Lastly, we can set up a strategy, so you are timing it right in the market to achieve full potential for your home.  This is huge, and timing it right matters more than any other factor.  We can show you this statistically and you will appreciate the insight we bring to helping you win in the local market.     
















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These stats are on Virginia Run. The first section covers what is currently available. I use the square footage analysis and the tax assessment analysis here. I also note the lot size. The main numbers I use from this are average list price per square foot and the ratio of the tax assessment to the list price. It is important to note that the square footage is the number that is reflected in the tax records and may not be accurate. It does NOT include the basement. The Second section notes the homes that are currently under contract. These are the homes that have sold most recently and a good reflection of what is getting offers in the current marketplace. The only new information here is the contract date and the days on the market up until it went under contract. The last section consists of the homes that have actually closed. I note the actual sales price plus any concessions or subsidies assessment to the sales price. This gives us a historical reflection but the under contracts give us the most current price per square foot that buyers are paying. At the bottom of the page, you can find links to homes sold in the neighborhood by year since 2010.

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