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Why Sellers Choose Spencer

His Experience: 26+ years selling real estate in Northern Virginia with over 2200+ closings, there is not much he has not seen and is not prepared for.  He knows the market, he knows the agents, he knows the business inside and out.

His Success:Spencer is one of the Top 10 Realtors in Northern Virginia and has been one of the Top 20 realtors every year since 1993.  You do not achieve that kind of consistent level of success unless you are doing the business right.  

His Company: Long & Foster is truly the 800 lb gorilla in the market place.  They have a presence and provide a level of support that no other company can. As their top agent in his marketplace and as a life member of their elite Masters Club Spencer has even more tools at his disposal.

His Network: With 26+ years experience and 2200+ closings, Spencer knows all the players in the business.  His team works hard to build bridges in very transaction, not burn them and as such work with many of the same realtors every year.  In addition, as one of the true Top 10 Producing agents Spencer networks with the  5% of agents that do 95% of the business.  This is a real edge in a competitive market

His commitment to education: Spencer has earned basically every accreditation available to realtors and stays current on the latest trends and legal issues in the business. In addition, as a member of several elite national groups Spencer is cutting edge in the most innovative new techniques.

His Team: as a pioneer of the team concept Spencer heads one of the few true teams in business.  5 people each dedicated to perfecting a specific part of the real estate transaction.  Free from the distractions of other parts of the business they are able to focus on their prime responsibility which is making your transaction the best experience possible.   

His organization: Spencer’s team is highly systemized in all parts of the transaction, utilizing checklists and systems honed by success in 1000’s of transactions.  Not only does nothing slip through the cracks but you are prepared for the next step in the transaction before it gets there.  Pro active rather than reactive and this allows for more effective decision making and for a less stressful more pleasant transaction all the way around.

His reputation: Spencer has been called the “agents agent”,  he is known as a straight shooter, a good person to deal with, a person of integrity and one who looks for a win-win in every dealing.  As a team they always exceed their share of the responsibilities and agents know that when they are dealing with Spencer they do not have to worry about things getting done.  It keeps them coming back.      

His Honesty: Spencer will tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear.  That is hard for many agents to do because they may not know for one but also because they do not want to risk offending.  Fact is though that you need straight, direct, honest answers if you are to have success in any market. 

His ability to negotiate: if we get them on the hook we get them in the boat.  Whether it is the initial contract, the home inspection or some other little bump in the transaction odds are it can be worked out.  You don’t achieve the level of success that Spencer has without being able to hold the deals together.

His knowledge: Spencer eats, sleeps and breaths real estate.  With a family and employees that depend on him it is at the forefront of his thoughts every day.  He is always looking for better ways to do something, ways to bring better efficiency and effectiveness to all areas of the real estate transaction and more innovative marketing ideas.  Analyzing every stat available significant time is invested into trying to spot trends in the market so as to be able to better advise and position his clients to win in todays marketplace.

His marketing: Spencer sells more because he does more, period.   Because he sells more he can do more, it is the real estate cycle of life. Economies of scale allow Spencer to bring marketing to bear on a property that simply is not an option for 95% of the agents out there.  That is why his clients have a “Distinct Advantage” in todays market. 

“I average a home sale somewhere in Northern Virginia every 72 hours. Just check my statistics page! Doesn’t it make sense to go with a Realtor who is getting them sold? I market aggressively, am a strong negotiator and I pay attention to every detail. I have made my name in real estate by providing my clients with winning real estate strategies. I like to win. And when I put my real estate experience to work, you win too! 

I will tell you what you need to hear and provide you in-depth information (in writing) on everything you need to know. I will professionally assess your needs, wants and plans. Together we will develop a strategy to achieve your goals. Your priorities become my priorities! 

 I am affiliated with all major relocation companies. Simply request Spencer Marker and Long & Foster as your REALTOR®.”

                                         My Goal                                           
To help you to sell your home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time in today’s market with the least amount of inconvenience for you. 
                                    My Objectives                                       
To help you position your home properly in the marketplace so that it is the next home to sell. I will help you determine where to price your home. I will show you what needs to be done to your property so that it shows at it’s best.  I will show you how to highlight your home’s best features and minimize it’s less attractive features. I will provide your home with a tremendous amount of market exposure. You will have a “Distinct Advantage” in the marketplace!
                                My Promise to You                                   
“I promise to tell you what you need to hear. I will tell you honestly today what needs to be done to prepare the home for market as well as at what price I believe the property will sell. I understand that I may occasionally lose because I am honest today rather than tomorrow. I promise to work diligently from day one to market your property as aggressively as possible and to strive for excellence as we work toward our mutual goal, the sale of your home. I promise to communicate with you promptly and to diligently provide you feedback from all who show your property.” 
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